Semi-Precious Weapons @ The Cobra Lounge

Semi-Precious Weapons @ Cobra Lounge

Semi-Precious Weapons, a glam rock band from New York, was in town this past Saturday for a free show at the Cobra Lounge.  

Free?!  Semi-Precious Weapons?!  What could be better?

I had seen SPW once before (also at the Cobra Lounge) and was completely blown away by their crazy energy, so I was excited to see them again.  They didn’t let me down.  They were just as crazy, with singer Justin in his silver stilleto boots, alternating between rocking out and doing splits and handstands.

Shooting Notes
The Cobra Lounge is a bar, and thus has the typical small-venue lighting:  lots of red, one-dimensional light.  However, Semi-Precious Weapons is so dynamic onstage that the less-than-stellar lighting didn’t bother me as much as it would have for any other band.  After all, this time around, I had my 16-35mm with me (the first time, I was limited to just a 50mm), and the extreme wide angle was perfectly suited to the full-body performance that is almost a trademark of SPW.

Also, as a result of this show, I realized that I could push my 5D to 3200ISO and still get useable photos.  This discovery benefited me greatly the next night, when I shot the Cancel Out Cancer benefit show at the Metro (blog to come).

Semi-Precious Weapons @ The Cobra Lounge

Semi-Precious Weapons @ The Cobra Lounge

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  1. Love the new site, congrats! Hopefully one day this Semi Precious Weapons band will find their way down under. I keep seeing all these amazing photos from everyone, and I kinda want to have a go myself!

  2. Hey, just thought I’d drop by and say that I really like your photos of this gig and they came out really well. Came here via flickr btw.

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