Six steps to a successful roadtrip

Last weekend, my husband and I went on a roadtrip to St. Louis. While no great concert photos came out of it, it was a fun trip, so I thought I’d do a blog entry of a slightly different, humorous nature. Therefore, the following are guidelines on how to have a successful roadtrip, in six simple steps.

Step 1: Stop for gas next to a corn field (or other appropriate attraction).


Roadtrips are full of great photo-ops. Unfortunately, if you’re like me, most of the time, you’re racing to make a show in time, so it’s hard to stop just to take pictures. However, you have to get gas, so make sure you find a picturesque gas station! Voila, you killed two birds with one stone.

Step 2: Take pictures of destination city through a dirty window.


This follows the premise of Step #1. No time to actually stop to take pictures, so you have to make the most of the scenery out the window.

Step 3: Arrive at destination and attempt to take photos of show.


Usually, this one of the main goals of a roadtrip – to get photos of the show you’re attending (or at least, one of my main goals). However, sometimes it’s just impossible. This last weekend, our friends were playing at Fright Fest at Six Flags Over St. Louis. They were lit by two small colored lightbulbs. I took about five pictures of their set, because seriously… they were lit by two lightbulbs.

Step 4: After show, find a ghetto hotel room. Share with band boys.


If it is a real roadtrip, you drove too far to drive home the same night. Also, since you drove so far, you spent so much on gas that you’re now poor, and thus the ghetto hotel room. The one we stayed in last weekend had cinder block walls and the wall by the door moved when you pushed on it.

Also, band boys never have money. Ever. They appreciate crashing in hotel rooms.

Step 5: Love your Canon (upside down is best).


One should always love his or her Canon (or Nikon, if you’re so inclined… or any other brand).

Step 6: After watching bad late night TV, pass out.


A good roadtrip doesn’t end until the wee hours of the morning. The appropriate time to go to sleep is when you can no longer sit up. Usually that time is right around sunrise, but can vary.

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  1. Sam – Thanks! My mommy always told me I was cute.

    Luis – Thanks for the comment! This was one of my favorite roadtrips in a while, so I’m glad that you enjoyed it too!

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