The Best of 2008

My Best of 2008

With 2009 just hours away, I thought I would share some of my favorite photos and moments of 2008. This is long (I mean, it’s a whole YEAR!), and in no particular order…

2008 was a pretty successful year, aside from rebranding my photography business, I also I did a lot this year that I didn’t originally set out to do.

For starters, I shot Mayhem Fest, a full day metal extravaganza. As a photographer who specializes in indie musicians, I usually wouldn’t have sought out a photopass to a festival that featured bands such a Dragonforce, Disturbed, and Slipknot.  I had a blast though, and got some of my favorite photos of 2008 that day:

Dragonforce @ Mayhem Fest

Walls of Jericho @ Mayhem Fest

Slipknot @ Mayhem Fest

Disturbed @ Mayhem Fest

Underoath @ Mayhem Fest

I also learned of an amazing band out of New York that is now one of my favorite bands to photograph – Semi-Precious Weapons.

Semi-Precious Weapons @ Cobra Lounge

Semi-Precious Weapons @ Cobra Lounge

I worked even more closely with Quietdrive – a band that I’ve known for several years, but this year, I shot promos as well as several of their shows. In December, I also got a request for a personal book comprised of Quietdrive images (which will soon be available for public sale), and have had several photos recently published in conjunction with their tour.

My two favorite tear sheets of theirs are the cover shot and the website splash page:

Quietdrive - Link, Sioux Falls

Quietdrive Website

And so many personal favorite pictures:

Quietdrive Promos

Quietdrive @ The House of Blues

Quietdrive @ The House of Blues


Quietdrive @ Turner Hall Ballroom

In 2008, I also worked with Retna, which marked my first job with a wire service. I was contracted for a full shoot for an Ashanti/Hennessy event. It was also my first time doing “club shooting.” It worked out well, but I think I’ll stick to concerts!

Ashanti @ Skybar

DJ Sky Nellor

But utimately, aside from all the cool bands that I’ve gotten the opportunity to photograph this year, I have had the most fun and made the best memories with my local bands:

New Promo?
(The boys of Last Fast Action never fail to make me laugh. This was taken at 2 a.m., after a small bar show in a town of 2,000, after they asked for my camera because they wanted to take promo pictures in the bathroom. Yes, alcohol was involved.)

(We also did a crazy Last Fast Action photoshoot in my house)

And, of course, lots of local band favorites:

Company of Thieves @ The Metro

Treaty of Paris @ The Metro

The Frantic @ The Metro

OkGo @ Grant Park

And a few more of my favorites are viewable below:

Finally, thanks to all of those who has inspired me, helped me, commented, pushed me, or encouraged me. You’re all amazing.

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  1. Thanks Dan!

    That seems to be my most popular picture this year 🙂 I just saw your comment about your 2008 recap, so I’m off to check that out!

  2. One thing I learned this year… I should not be allowed to check your website in public places. I’m pretty sure my mouth still falls open in disbelief in some of the shots you manage to get! And there might me a little drool involved, too.
    I can’t wait to see the shots you get in 2009!

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