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My Quietdrive Book

A bit before Christmas, someone requested a book of Quietdrive photos from me for their personal collection. What a great idea! I have a ton of Quietdrive images – a bunch that no one has seen yet, even – so why not put them all together and make a “Quietdrive yearbook” out of them?

Quietdrive is an epic band for me. Their performance never lets me down, and, as I have said before, they are one of my absolute favorite bands to shoot. For that reason, I knew I needed a big book to really show off the pictures – I chose the 10×8 (landscape) book, which was quite a step up from my small 7×7 book that I had made before.

In the process of trying to choose a collection of images that conveyed their energy onstage, I had a lot of fun looking through photos that I forgot I had. In fact, I had so much fun that I had a problem narrowing down what pictures to use. I originally figured I’d make a 35 or 40 page book… and I ended up with a 54 page book. I probably could have continued adding pages, but I had a deadline (and a budget).

Aside from the length, another unexpected aspect of the book is the amount of two-page spreads that I ended up doing. Starting out, I figured I would do a few two-pagers, just to break up the monotony of single-page pictures; but I ended up loving the look of the 20×8 ratio. Two-page spreads always look so grand.

I was almost hesitant to post the proofs and the preview, because the book looks so much better in person…it is so much more fulfilling to actually hold photos in your hand, rather than look at them on a computer screen (one of the downsides of using digital cameras all the time, but that’s for another blog…). Anyway, I posted a few of my favorite proof pages below, but feel free to check out the first fifteen pages HERE. To buy it, go HERE.

Quietdrive Book

Quietdrive Book

Quietdrive Book

Quietdrive Book

I really love this book, and it has got me thinking about making photo books for some other bands that I regularly shoot – so be on the lookout for more!

2 thoughts on “Quietdrive: A Book

  1. The camera and the book? You’re gonna be poor, missy.

    I probably will do an LFA book – I’m going to have to dedicate a lot of time to it though. Lots of pictures to look through, lots of decisions as to what I want to include or omit (Do I want to just do live? Just backstage? Old D&E stuff too as a “prologue”?). But, yes, I will make one someday.

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