Last Fast Action Promos & Single!


One of my most favorite bands, Last Fast Action, just released a new single today called “Satellite.” It’s a great song, super fun and spacey. It’s up for free download, so there is no reason for you not to check it out:

Go! Go! Go!

I also shot promos for them a little while ago, which they just posted all over their Myspace!

PS. Check out their interview about “Satellite,” writing as a duo, and sea salt on ! Oh yeah, and a few of the promos are posted there too!

Shooting Notes

When LFA and I were talking about what they wanted their promos to look like, I was told to “go crazy.” As a sixth-grade teacher at heart, nothing says crazy to me like finger painting! So, that’s what we did. My husband and I built a gigantic lightbox that would hold three guys (including lead singer Dan Monahan, who is 6’4″), got some acrylic plastic in various sizes, and neon paint. We then told them to go at it. They were fantastic sports and didn’t blink an eye at covering themselves in paint!

I shot this set with my Canon 5D Mark II, my Canon 15mm f/2.8 fisheye, and my Canon 16-35mm f/2.8. I embraced the wide and was most definitely in everyone’s face. I wanted to do a high-key look so that the paint really popped, so I had light sources coming from every direction, using a mix of 550EXs with white shoot-through umbrellas (for front light), hot lights (on the sides and back), and studio lights for an overhead light.




LFA Promos

LFA Promos

LFA Promos

Behind the scenes: the lightbox

9 thoughts on “Last Fast Action Promos & Single!

  1. aww… my favorite ones you don’t let me comment on Flickr 🙁

    It’s the one of Dan (I think that’s dan) with the acetate sheet “mustache” and the one of Augie right below it. They’re all great though 🙂

    1. Mike – Sorry! I might make a few more available on Flickr tomorrow. I try to be concise on Flickr so as not to bore people. And Augie has the “mustache,” and Dan is right below that shot… but thanks! It was a fun little shoot!

      Chelsey! I meant to email you today to send you the link since I remember you were curious. Crazy, huh? It was actually much a neater shoot than you would expect – nothing ended up in my hair!

  2. Wow! Fantastic to see these and read about it. I did think just like you…fun and crazy = finger painting. It must be my teacher side as well.
    Thanks for the details and sharing. It just makes me more excited to put my hands on some of the lighting set ups. xx

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