Free Redwall Vignette Actions!

I’m working on some super cool new actions that are of the “one-click and you’re done” variety, but until I’m done with that, I thought I would break up all the concert shots with a simple, but useful, free action set. Consider it a present from the Easter Bunny 🙂

This action set is all vignettes. I am a huge fan of vignetting; I love the way it focuses the viewers eyes on the subject of the photo, especially when there is a cluttered stage. However, in general I like a more subtle version of the vignette that just slightly darkens the color of the outer edges of the photo. In this way, the vignette can more effectively do it’s job of directing the viewer’s attention, rather than being overpowering, and therefore, counterproductive. Basic Photoshop tricks produce a black vignette, which can look very fake when used with brightly colored stage lighting. This is where this action set comes in.

This set features the standard black vignette (which is a copy of “Metal” from my original Redwall Photo Action set), a blue vignette, a red/yellow vignette, a red/pink vignette, and a green vignette.

Also, don’t be afraid to either reduce the opacity of the vignette layer (the examples are set to about 75%), or even run the command twice for extra vignetting. My other trick is to use the eraser or the masking tools and erase out parts of the vignette – if it covers the performer, for example. The actions are totally customizable.

These work really well on non-concert photos too, so if you’re a multi-tasking photographer, definitely try these out on more “standard” photos too!


Here are some examples:


Black vignette

Yellow/red vignette

Pink/red vignette

Green vignette

Blue vignette


Enjoy! Let me know how you like them, and feel free to post examples in the comments!

5 thoughts on “Free Redwall Vignette Actions!

  1. I used one of these today; posted to LJ Photographers with one of the shots and mentioned the vignette actions came from here. They work really nicely, thanks for doing them!

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