The Frantic CD & 8×10 giveaway!

The Frantic backstage @ House of Blues

Q: What does Brett love?
A: His CD, for sure. I also know he happens to like 8x10s of my photos. So, let’s have a giveaway!

I have an extra Frantic CD to give away, but I know some awesome people already have the CD, so for those that have the CD, I’ll also give away an 8×10 of any of my Frantic photos – winner’s choice.

Here’s how to enter
Go to The Frantic’s Myspace, listen to their player, then come back here and comment about which song is your favorite. Also let me know which you would prefer – the CD or the print.

That’s it!

However, if you want TWO chances to win (that’s not cheating, is it?), tweet this: “Check it out! @redwallphoto is giving away a @thefrantic CD and a SIGNED 8×10 print.”  You have to tweet exactly that!  Copy and paste it! Then, comment here that you tweeted, and let me know if you want the CD or a photo.

I will have two random drawings on Thursday night – one drawing for the CD, and one for the print. If you do both options above, I’ll put your name in twice, so you have double the chance to win. I will post the winners on Friday (the 24th) in this blog.

Anyone can win.  No age limits, and you can be international.

So, to summarize –

    To enter once, comment here your favorite Frantic song and let me know if you want a CD or print. To enter twice, tweet “Check it out! @redwallphoto is giving away a @thefrantic CD and an 8×10 print.” then comment here, let me know you tweeted, and if you want a CD or print.

Good luck!

UPDATE: Christian (Frantic’s manager) generously offered to get the print signed by the band, if, of course, you want it signed… so now the prize got even better!

33 thoughts on “The Frantic CD & 8×10 giveaway!

  1. Favorite song: I Don’t Want To Be Alone. I actually have the CD already, but I wanted to start up the discusion for you. 🙂

    1. Whitney – Since you already have the CD, do you want to be entered in the print drawing? And thanks for the tweet!

      Christian – You’re not biased at all, are you? Thanks for all the RTs!

  2. My favorite song HAS to be Fast Girl. 🙂
    But I also really like their new song Victory is for Losers.
    I already have the CD but I would totally love the 8×10 print. :))

  3. okay, i love all of their songs for sure. but Build me up Buttercup is my favorite because i like to sing it in the mall <3 lol

    i actually cannot find my cd anywhere! idk what happened to it! i would like the photo though please cuz pics are cool =)

  4. i would have to say my favorite song is hollywood homocide =D it always gets me up and going.. and if i had the chance i would love the CD because i havent gotten the chance to buy it yet =(.. haha, i love you boys.

  5. my favorite song by the frantic is “always gonna roll”
    & the picture would be my choice since i already have the audio & murder cd : )

  6. i tweetedd.
    and my faveourite The Frantic song is Movin’ Along, but i must say that their cover of ‘build me up buttercup’ is awesome.
    can i enter the competetion? i live in australia, see…
    if i can, CD? because i can’t get over here, excluding itunes.

    1. Bekka – Thanks for entering. Seems like everyone has the CD, which is a good thing 🙂 You’re entered for the picture!

      Courtney – Oh no, what happened to your CD? You’re entered for the picture!

      Kaytlin – Good song choice. I like that one too. You’re entered for the CD!

      Kristine – Awesome, thanks for entering!

      Bella – Ok, you’re entered twice! I adore Build Me Up Buttercup. And yes, I’ll ship internationally, CDs are small and easy to mail!

  7. My fav song is I don’t want to be alone because I can understand where it’s coming from. And the beat is amazing and draws you in while the lyrics are self explanatory. I totally understand tho. Honestly no one wants to be alone and its fun to sing. So yeah, that’s my response. 😛

  8. I tweeted. My favorite song by them is Rock and Roll Renegade. The picture would be my choice 🙂

  9. i think the new song vitore (is for losers)is a bad ass song. when they play it live it just makes everyone go nuts!
    i already have like 4 of there cds so ill take the picture!

  10. My favorite Frantic song is Fast Girl or Movin’ Along. I really like Fast Girl because the lyrics are just really well written. I love the pace of the song. Movin’ Along is also my favorite because it sounds kinda country, which is unlike them, and I can totally relate to it.

    I am also tweeting as we speak…

    I would love a picture :]

    1. Lindzy – Thanks for the response and entry – did you want to be entered in the CD giveaway or the photo drawing?

      Ali – Hi! Thanks, you’re entered twice, and I’ll put you on my photo list!

      Dustin – I have a bunch of the CDs too (they make good gifts :)). I’ll enter you in the photo giveaway!

      Melody – Thanks for the thoughts, I totally agree, and I’m entering your name twice!

      Jackie – Awesome, everyone wants pictures! 🙂 You’re entered!

      Megan – Woo, you’re entered twice into the CD drawing!

  11. i think my favorite song would have to be hollywood homicide,i’m always singing it!
    i got the cd when i first saw them,so the 8×10 print would be cool! oh and i retweeted that…thing up there yeah! :]

  12. I will up the ante here. Tasha I can have the Frantic guys sign the 8×10 if the winner wants a signed copy.

    I think it’s so cool that almost everyone here likes a different song too.

    My favorite song is Audio & Murder.

  13. I love all of their songs, but from their player, Victory(is for losers) is so awesome(and not on a cd so extra cool points).

    Since I already have a cd, I would love the print 😀

  14. i love all their songs, but hollywood homicide has to be one of my favorites!! I have the CD already but i would love the pic because photography is amazing! =]

  15. I just tweeted for you
    and my favorite song is your guy’s new one
    Victory is for Losers
    I already have the CD so i’ll be going for the 8×10 poster!

    1. Allyson – Thanks! You’re entered twice!

      Sarah – I like that one too 🙂 You’re entered twice for the print

      Christian – You’re too awesome. I updated the post, that’s a great little bonus 🙂 My favorite is Audio & Murder too, I’m not sure why others haven’t mentioned it!

      Rhianna – Thanks for entering!

      Nicole – Awesome, you’re entered!

      Kyle – Great, you’re entered twice!

  16. I absolutely love “FRANTIC SUMMER” Because this describes me and my group of friends perfectly!!! We’d have our Trampoline/Margarita nights and everytime i hear this song i go back…in….time…*sigh* summer is the time to get BUCK WIIIILLLLD!!!! SHIT SON!!!

  17. Audio & Murder is my favorite song. It’s pure poetry. I would love to have the 8×10 print because I already own the CD.

  18. I just tweeted the message about this contest, once again I would love to have the 8×10 print please 😀

  19. I like Movin’ Along because to me it stretches their sound and creativity from their other songs.

    Hmmm CD or Redwall original photo. Their music is good, but I don’t see a link on their myspace to purchase downloads… however if I were to win and you were to sign the print in addition to the band, I would have to to with the print option.

  20. I think Victory “(is for losers)” or “Build Me Up Buttercup” would have to be my favorites. I would definitely choose one of the photos but if no one is going with the CD, I could go for one of each.

  21. HOLY CRAP!!! we gave Brett (and the rest of the Frantic) BRACLETS LIEK THAT!!
    …although we accidently ran out of the LOVE ones so we gave Brett a Native American looking one because he’s just awesome like that.
    We gave Kyle the one Brett’s holding and we gave Chris and Ian pink LOVE braclets.

    I like I Don’t Want To Be Alone but I also love Frantic Summer because it basically describes my summer. I would like a picture if you didnt already do teh contest thing!

    1. Hi Samantha… then those are probably your bracelets! 🙂 Cool!
      And, sorry, but the contest ended a few weeks ago, and I already announced the winners. I like to do giveways every so often, so keep checking back, I might do another one!

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