How I spend my Sunday nights…

Steel Panther @ Double Door

Earlier this evening, I tweeted that I had shot zombies three times this week. Tomorrow, I will post photos from the other zombie photoshoots, but I thought I’d give everyone a quick little glimpse into a typical Sunday night for me (said with only a little bit of sarcasm)…

The photo above was of the headlining act of the night – Steel Panther. Some odd part of me really likes shooting metal, especially metal that was around in the 80s (or pretends it was), so I had a lot of fun with these guys. They were great performers, didn’t take themselves too seriously, and (my favorite), were up in the audience’s face the whole time.

I was a little jealous that the bassist (pictured) might have been a bit more of a girl than I was though.

Cealed Kasket @ Double Door

Now THIS is my third zombie of the week. The opening act was Cealed Kasket. They also had a mime (of sorts), a wizard, someone dressed in animal skin… and I’m not sure what the singer was. There was also an axe, a sword, and a turrent onstage.

Sad thing is? This is not the first time we’ve seen them.

So. What was your Sunday night like?