5 (More) Amazing Concert Photographers

5 (More) Amazing Concert Photographers

Over a year ago, I did a post on some concert photographers I admire, and while I still adore each and every one of them, I think it’s high time for a part two. I like all of these photographers for different reasons, and all of their work is very different. Each has something that makes them stand out above the rest for me. These are some of the people that make me excited to check my RSS feed.

Sarah Bastin | Flickr | www.sarahbastin.net

Sarah has the best contrasty black and white concert shots ever. She also does a fantastic job of getting a bunch of unusual details and angles.  Her Flickr also showcases some film work every now and then (not usually with concerts though), and as I’m a fan of film, she scores huge brownie points with me!

Darkroom Demons | www.darkroomdemons.com

I posted a concert shot because that’s the theme of this post, and I do love their concert work, but where Darkroom Demons REALLY shines is in nightlife photography. They’re amazing. Not only are they great technically, but they are really fantastic at getting people comfortable in front of the camera and really capturing the feeling and fun of a club. As someone who is definitely not a club photographer, I admire them greatly.

Matt Miller | www.thefivemilegrace.com

I found Matt Miller through his work with Our Labor Of Love, and while I like his wedding photography, I LOVE his concert work. Everytime he posts a new concert blog, I find myself studying the photos to figure out just exactly he managed to get that shot.

Clayton Hauck | www.claytonhauck.com

Clayton is another one that is talented in several areas of photography… currently his blog is full of amazing photos from Lebanon, but I’ve seen great wedding photos, club photos, and concert photos from him. One thing I always like about his photos (aside from his great processing), is that all his photos have a very strong photojournalistic feel. They always make you feel like you’re part of the action.

Corey Hale | Flickr | www.godkindstudios.com

Despite Corey being in Columbia, MO, he and I actually shot together at a show once when I made a trip for a favorite band. Of course, we didn’t know we were shooting together at the time – we had been Flickr friends for a while prior to that show, and I posted the photos, and he realized, “hey, I was shooting that too!” Funny story, right? Anyway. I love Corey’s use of bright colors and he also has some great fisheye shots.

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