Ludo @ Bottom Lounge

Ludo is one of my favorites. Through the past eight years I’ve seen them go through line-up changes, several CDs, and countless concerts, and I’m never disappointed. Through it all, they always manage to keep their show fresh and entertaining.

For this show, their big surprise was asking their fans to have a seat on the floor and to be very quiet. They then headed out to the center of the venue and performed “Love Me Dead” a capella. It was a pretty amazing moment.

Shooting Notes

I shoot in bad lighting conditions all the time… but this lighting was ickkkk-y.

Bottom Lounge doesn’t have a pit, and this was a packed show. I was there early with the bands so getting front row wasn’t a problem, but didn’t want to be wedged front and center the whole show (it was bad, and I was super hungry and feeling claustrophobic after the first set), so I chose to take my chances with shooting side stage. The vantage point wasn’t the worst, but the lighting was not designed to compliment those angles…. hot spots on backs, flat light color, and shadows abounded, especially in the front of the stage. The back area of the stage wasn’t nearly as bad, luckily, so I was able to get some shots of Pmo and Tommy.

So, the main point to take away from this… shooting from the side of the stage at Bottom Lounge isn’t a great idea. However, if side stage is a necessity, bring along the 70-200mm; it was a lifesaver.