Stamps @ Bottom Lounge

Stamps is a new band that is working with some of my favorite people in the Chicago scene. So, between several of my friends working with the band, and the lead vocalist being ex-Hush Sound, I was excited to check them out when they opened for the Ludo show a few weeks ago. Citing several 60s bands as influences, the indie pop band has a mellow throwback sound that is different from many recent bands out there. I’m interested to see where their unique sound takes them!

Shooting Notes

As I mentioned last time I shot at the Bottom Lounge, there is no pit, so I usually end up shooting side stage, which was the case this time as well. For this set, the light was front lit and a pretty static yellow, with a few hints of magenta and green mixed in. I was actually surprised at how much light there was for an opening act, so between the static lighting and the fact that Stamps is a pretty calm band, this wasn’t a terribly difficult shoot. Since I was rooted to the spot, I mainly used the 70-200mm f/2.8 for reach and ease with a little bit of the 50mm f/1.4 thrown in for a few of the wider shots.