Company of Thieves @ Double Door

I was super lucky to be able to see Company of Thieves twice in just a few month’s time span. Honestly, they’re one of those bands that I could watch every night. Love them.

If you’re in Chicago, they’re headlining Sausage Fest on June 3rd (and my buddies Treaty of Paris are playing the Fest on the 2nd, too), come on out. I’ll be there!

Shooting Notes

This was the first show I shot with my new 5D3s….and what a difference an upgrade makes. Aside from the fact that the cameras, you know, focused better than the 5D2 (always important), I like the colors produced much better. It seems that white balance is a little more accurate (especially impressive in the crazy lighting conditions at concerts!) and shadow detail is much better preserved. The only downside is that I get a lot more keepers, so culling the images to a manageable amount requires absolute ruthlessness.

Technical speak aside, this was a dream shoot. Company of Thieves is one of my favorite bands to photograph because of the energy and soul that they put into their shows, and Double Door is one of my favorite venues to shoot in. Aside from their great staff, the lighting rig in Double Door is the best small-venue rig I’ve run into, so you get the small-venue feel without the small-venue lighting hassle.

Shot mainly with the 16-35mmL, the 50mmL, and the 135L.