Lindsey Stirling @ The Vic

Honestly, I hadn’t heard of Lindsey Stirling before this show.My friends got a last minute call for the opening slot, and I went to The Vic to see/photograph their set. But, since I was already there, I stayed to check out Lindsey. And I’m so glad I did. I’ve seen so many bands and concerts, that I love when I get surprised by something different. I was in awe of Lindsey’s energy, style, talent, and interaction with the audience. I wasn’t able to stay for the whole show, but I definitely would love to see more!

Shooting Notes

One of the easiest shows I’ve photographed in a long time. Plenty of interesting light, from all sides of the stage (even backstage), including an LED light panel as a backdrop. Also, with Lindsey being so high energy, something exciting was going on the whole time.

Shot with 5D Mark IIIs.