Company of Thieves @ House of Blues

It’s been years since I’ve photographed a concert. On nights that concerts happen, I’m usually photographing a wedding, prepping for a wedding, exhausted from shooting a wedding, or editing a wedding.

But, when Company of Thieves announced they were getting back together for a small tour, I was all over it. It had been years since I had seen them, and I alternated between wanting to give them hugs and photographing the heck out of the show. In the end, I got to do both… and you can see some of the photos below (and thankfully, I wasn’t quite as out of practice as I had feared!).

Shooting Notes

I was lucky enough to be able to get an all access pass, so I tried to incorporate some lesser-seen angles. My fitbit claimed that I climbed 27 sets of stairs during that concert, since House of Blues is a little overenthusiastic with their stairs, and I wanted some balcony photos.

Shot with two 5D Mark IVs, and a range of lenses, but mostly the 16-35mm L and the 70-200L IS.