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In the interest of simplifying, I combined my website and my blog into one blogsite. Everything that used to be on my website is now on my blog – portfolios, pricing, about, etc. Things are cleaned up, portfolios are revamped, and I spiffied up my background and my headers (go ahead, refresh the page a few times). The basic layout is the same because I liked my layout, but there are lots of new little tweaks.

Look around, let me know what you think!

Treaty of Paris EP Release (& print contest)

Treaty of Paris Recording

I generally don’t posts that announce releases and shows, but this is big news, and thus a worthy exception.

What’s the big news?

Treaty of Paris is releasing a new EP on January 9th, entitled Currents. The EP was recorded and produced at Last Fast Action’s studio, Audioisking, and was born of many late nights (and lots of fun, see?). Their EP release show will be at the ever famous Metro in Chicago, IL, and will have supporting bands including The Victory Gins, Last Fast Action, The Insecurities, and AM Taxi. The CD will be for sale at the show.

Who is Treaty of Paris? Well, Treaty of Paris formed in January of 2005, and since then, has had a multitude of successes. They were signed to Andrew McMahon’s (of Jack’s Mannequin) label, Airport Tapes and Records, as well as participated in Q101’s reality series entitled Breaking The Band. They have packed the Metro, and toured the country with several large acts, including Yellowcard and The Spill Canvas.

If you’re not in the area… drive/fly in for the show. Just kidding (kind of). They will also be selling the record online via Amazon and iTunes beginning on January 12th, 2010. will have a pre-order going on next week, with some special packages if you just can’t wait until Jan. 12th. And, I might even have one or two to give out once it’s released. Maybe. I might not want to give them up.

If you’re not convinced that you need to go to the show/check out Treaty of Paris/buy the EP/record at Audioisking yet, perhaps you need to watch this video. Dear internet world, I introduce some of my best friends:

BONUS! Anyone that has a blog, any kind of blog, this is for you. If you post about the show and/or EP release (feel free to copy/paste any of my post if you can’t come up with something of your own), let me know in the comments with either a link to the blog post, or a link to a screencap (if your blog is private). With your comment, you will be entered into a drawing for an 8×10 photo from the show. If you win, you can choose any one of the photos that I post to my blog from any of the sets performed that night… and I will be doing some backstage photos, so this is a good chance to get a unique print!

Chicago Photoblog @

Chicago Photoblog @

The third installment of my Chicago scene photoblog is up at, here. It features bands such as Paramore, Flyleaf, Last Fast Action (my best buddies!), locals Kill Hannah, The Sounds, and Jet… as well as a small guest appearance from Tyler of Darkroom Demons. See if you can find him.

Now that it’s published, full sets of the bands featured will be posted to my blog soon!