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Spin Chicago Photoblog 2

My second photoblog for was published today.

I particularly like this set of photos because it’s really diverse. I have everything from 80s metal band Steel Panther, Bluegrass from A Night In The Box, a recording session from Treaty of Paris, electronica with Ladyhawke, and Finnish metal with Sonata Arctica. And that’s just the start!

Go check it out!

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Long time, no posts.

Well, a lot has been going on. Aside from doing a lot of non-concert work, I also was contacted by Spin about doing a reoccurring column for them about the Chicago music scene. With that, I get to shoot a bunch of stuff that I might not otherwise shoot and also get to inject some of my comments about the shots. As most everyone knows, I love Chicago music and adore the venues in the area (well, most of them), and so this is a great opportunity for me. I’m really excited about it, and my first post is HERE!

I had to wait a bit to publish some stuff, until Spin had an opportunity to publish it first, so I can start going back to my regularly scheduled posts!

The Winners!

Random Winners

Today is the last day of Frantic week, and while it’s a little sad, it’s also awesome, because I get to give stuff away today!

Without further ado, the winners are….

Allyson for the 8×10 print and Andy for the CD – congrats, guys! You should have emails in your inbox with further info.

Thanks to everyone to participated. It was a great to see how many people loved The Frantic, and I’ll try to have more giveaways like this with other bands as it comes up!