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Hey all –

The awesome people at Numbstar contacted me last week about featuring me/my site on their website. Their site is a beautiful collection of photographers that they find inspiring – and they have great taste, so go check it out if you’re looking for some visual pick-me-ups.

Also, you can vote on the pictures you like (it’s not a contest, but it is nice to give some props), so make sure you do so!

A Night at Angels & Kings

Angels & Kings
Last Fast Action with Tom Higgenson

You might have heard of Angels and Kings. It’s Pete Wentz’s bar, and is a recent hotspot for many after parties and social events in Chicago. Last night, my friends Last Fast Action and my husband and I went to check it out and to participate in a radio contest called DEMOlition, where attendees of the event vote on which of the night’s demos they like best. A local Chicago band, The Scissors, were also performing and provided the music for the night. (more…)

Redwall Blog on 1001noisycameras

Just a quick note because it’s always nice to get some recognition – has “featured” my blog twice in the past few weeks – there was a brief write-up yesterday about my use of the 5D Mark II in concerts and on April 10th, they wrote about the Metallica pictures I took with the Lumix LX3.

Go check out the blurbs about Redwall, and while you’re there, check out the rest of the site. There’s some pretty useful info!

Company of Thieves – Behind The Scenes of “Pressure”

Company of Thieves "Pressure" Shoot

I have blogged about Company of Thieves several times, but never like this. Last weekend, Company of Thieves filmed their second video under Wind-Up Records, this time for their song “Pressure,” which also happens to be my favorite track off of their CD Ordinary Riches. I got wind that they were doing this a few days before the shoot, and after a few emails and the help of a friend, I was cleared to shoot some behind-the-scenes photos.

Warning: Photo-heavy set. I was shooting for around 18 hours, so I made this as concise as possible, but I wanted to give people the full experience of the shoot! (more…)