Satellite @ Schubas

Satellite is a California band that, for as long as I’ve known of them, have mainly stuck to the West Coast, so when I found out that they were playing in Chicago, I was excited to see them touring. Add in the fact that they played with Paper Route, which is a band the hubby really enjoys, and we just HAD to go to the show. I think lots of other people felt the same way because the show was sold out and packed!


Lindsey Stirling @ The Vic

Honestly, I hadn’t heard of Lindsey Stirling before this show.My friends got a last minute call for the opening slot, and I went to The Vic to see/photograph their set. But, since I was already there, I stayed to check out Lindsey. And I’m so glad I did. I’ve seen so many bands and concerts, that I love when I get surprised by something different. I was in awe of Lindsey’s energy, style, talent, and interaction with the audience. I wasn’t able to stay for the whole show, but I definitely would love to see more!


Tall Animals @ The Vic

We heard about this show just a few hours before Tall Animals hit the stage in support of Lindsey Stirling.  Surprisingly, it was a rare free night, so we lucked out and were able to make it.

Tall Animals played a DJ set this night to get the crowd going, so it was a bit different from their standard fare, but it’s always wonderful to see these guys! ┬áHere are just a few of my favorites:


Tall Animals @ House of Blues

You might recognize a few of these guys from my many photos of The Dog & Everything and Last Fast Action. But, since those pictures, they’ve changed it up 100%: they put down the guitar, tossed out the bass, and lost the drums. As Tall Animals, they are focusing on upbeat, danceable electronica. It’s quite a shift, but it’s great seeing something so inspired. Plus, it’s super easy to dance to.

Check out Tall Animals on Facebook, iTunes, or in real life at the annual Fall Formal on November 24th.