Preview: The Frantic Video Shoot

The Frantic started filming their music video for “Blackout Brigade” today with the awesome Kyle Cogan. Kyle graciously let me come shoot some stills for a while (music video behind-the-scenes is one of my favorite things to shoot), and it was insane. I was only there for about 4 1/2 hours, but I am surprised my equipment and I escaped unharmed. It was the perfect setting for a Frantic video. Here’s a few photos until I can go through the rest of them…

AM Taxi @ House of Blues

Love AM Taxi. They’re just so good.

Got a bit of extra time with them this night, as I did some super quick promos before the show, and then was able to shoot their whole set. I have to admit though… a few times, I almost forgot I was shooting and started to stand there and watch. That doesn’t always happen… proof of what a great show they put on.

The below was actually before the set. Had to include it though. Dorks.