Ha Ha Tonka @ Sausage Fest

We were already planning to go to Sausage Fest to hang out with friends and to see Company of Thieves, but when we saw that Ha Ha Tonka was playing, the day got even better.

Even though I feel like they’re part of the Chicago scene, they originally hail from the Ozarks, which helps provide Ha Ha Tonka with their unique sound that never gets old. Fabulous performers, I feel like their show is always different… even after we’ve seen them dozens (?) of times. You can tell that they’re a band that doesn’t play because it’s a job, but because they truly love music.

Also, a little bit of trivia…they were on No Reservations (with Anthony Bourdain) a while back. For a girl who has a husband who is a foodie, that is some major cool points.


Kill The Alarm @ Abbey Pub

Garen is always a pleasure to see and photograph, but photographs never do his show justice. He’s one of the few special people whose live show outshines his recorded music, so it’s always a treat when he comes to town.

He’ll be in South for a bit, so I highly recommend checking him out if you are one of the lucky millions around NC and VA!


The Frantic @ Beat Kitchen

It was fate that we were able to make this show. I had a shoot earlier in the evening, and the set times lined up just right where we walked in mere minutes before The Frantic started playing. Hopefully that kind of serendipity happens again soon, because seeing The Frantic once every six months isn’t enough.


Company of Thieves @ The Metro

It’s been WAY too long since I’ve seen Company of Thieves. In fact, I even planned a trip to California around this concert because I didn’t want to miss them again. And I’m so glad I did because this was their first time headlining Metro, and as any Chicago band or regular concert-attendee knows, headlining Metro is a big deal. It’s the place where many Chicagoians see one of their first concerts, and is certainly one of the most historic venues in the city.

CoT is going on tour next month, so check out their tour dates, and definitely go if they’re near you. If I planned a vacation around their show, you know they’re good.