Resources That Everyone Should Know About

Resources Every Photography Should Know About
I’ll take a little break from music photos to share a few free resources that I use daily and have made my life much easier.

The first is Dropbox. Dropbox is a file sharing site/program that allows you to just “drop” files into a folder on your computer to share with others. The files you drop into Dropbox are given a unique link, which you can then share with others. I use it for almost all of the files I need to send to clients, and also use it to share files between computers.

The main reason I love it is that you don’t have to connect to open an FTP program, connect to the FTP, then upload…. the time I save being able to simply put a file in a folder that sits on my desktop is amazing. The other reason it’s amazing is that your files are accessible anywhere… even if the computer you’re on doesn’t have an FTP program, or you don’t have the link for the file, Dropbox has an interface online where you just sign into your account and can access your files. Try it out here!

The other resource I use constantly is Signature Confirm. Signature Confirm is an online contract-signing service. You create your own contract and then email it to your client via Signature Confirm. The client can then review the contract and electronically sign it. I especially love Signature Confirm for my live music work because, so often, it’s practically impossible to meet up with the band before or after the show to get a signed paper contract. Getting the contract signed online before the show makes the day of the shoot much less stressful. You can sign up for Signature Confirm here.

I hope my little informative interlude has helped point you in the direction of some fabulous resources. If anyone else has any online services that they use and love, let me know!