Company of Thieves @ FYE (CD Release)

It’s been forever since Company of Thieves released their last record. For a while, we’ve been hearing about them in studio, and since then have been anxiously awaiting a new record. Glimpses and snippets have been revealed here and there, but it was finally released on May 17th. It is available on iTunes as well as at FYE (and maybe other record stores?). You can even get a free download of “Death of Communication” on (it’s pretty amazing, you should download it).

This set of photos was the in-store at FYE on May 17th, the day of the release.

Another, much less important, note is the fact that I shot the cover art. Kind of. Long story short, the band is amazingly creative and made a collage for the cover, but it was all loose paper pieces and couldn’t be moved and they didn’t have a camera that could take photos of the resolution needed. So, I stopped by and took a few quick photos of the collage…the band was sweet enough to give me photo credit, even though they did all the hard work in making the collage.


Preview: Company of Thieves @ Lincoln Hall

Company of Thieves @ Lincoln Hall
Just a few from tonight’s show… it’s been months upon months since I last saw Company of Thieves. They’re as good as ever, and it was a fantastic show. It was also the first time I have been to and shot at Lincoln Hall, a new-ish venue in Chicago. It’s fantastic. I’ll have a lot of shooting notes when I post the full set of images.

PS. If you couldn’t tell, I was on Gen and Marc’s side…no photopit.

Company of Thieves @ Lincoln Hall

Company of Thieves @ Lincoln Hall

Company of Thieves – Behind The Scenes of “Pressure”

Company of Thieves "Pressure" Shoot

I have blogged about Company of Thieves several times, but never like this. Last weekend, Company of Thieves filmed their second video under Wind-Up Records, this time for their song “Pressure,” which also happens to be my favorite track off of their CD Ordinary Riches. I got wind that they were doing this a few days before the shoot, and after a few emails and the help of a friend, I was cleared to shoot some behind-the-scenes photos.

Warning: Photo-heavy set. I was shooting for around 18 hours, so I made this as concise as possible, but I wanted to give people the full experience of the shoot! (more…)