Company of Thieves @ Double Door

I was super lucky to be able to see Company of Thieves twice in just a few month’s time span. Honestly, they’re one of those bands that I could watch every night. Love them.

If you’re in Chicago, they’re headlining Sausage Fest on June 3rd (and my buddies Treaty of Paris are playing the Fest on the 2nd, too), come on out. I’ll be there!


Shovels & Rope @ Double Door

Opening for Butch Walker, the members of Shovels and Rope are also members of Butch Walker’s band The Black Widows. Just two members, and playing on just a few guitars, a harmonica, and drum, Cary Ann Hearst and Michael Trent kept it simple and real. A unique mix of country and rock and roll, the music was definitely enjoyable and upbeat, and Hearst’s voice was killer.


Ronny Robinson @ Double Door

I’ve known Ron for years and years…. back when he was in Witroy.  Since then he’s played in many bands and been a constant fixture in the local scene.  Currently, he not only plays with United Federation of Planets, but also does some (fantastic) solo stuff on his own.  

Sometimes I like to sneak pictures of my friends in:


Alex Maier @ Double Door

I have a ton of concert photos to post… so instead of posting just the new stuff, I thought I would go back a few months and post a bit from some older shows. This set is from December 20th of last year – at Treaty of Paris’ Christmas concert. It was a great showing of the Chicago scene; several friends of the band came out to perform two to three songs acoustically before Treaty of Paris’ big headlining set. Alex Maier (previously of Treaty of Paris before he moved shortly after this show), even performed a few songs on his own as you can see from the photos below.