Company of Thieves @ House of Blues

It’s been years since I’ve photographed a concert. On nights that concerts happen, I’m usually photographing a wedding, prepping for a wedding, exhausted from shooting a wedding, or editing a wedding.

But, when Company of Thieves announced they were getting back together for a small tour, I was all over it. It had been years since I had seen them, and I alternated between wanting to give them hugs and photographing the heck out of the show. In the end, I got to do both… and you can see some of the photos below (and thankfully, I wasn’t quite as out of practice as I had feared!).


Tall Animals @ House of Blues

You might recognize a few of these guys from my many photos of The Dog & Everything and Last Fast Action. But, since those pictures, they’ve changed it up 100%: they put down the guitar, tossed out the bass, and lost the drums. As Tall Animals, they are focusing on upbeat, danceable electronica. It’s quite a shift, but it’s great seeing something so inspired. Plus, it’s super easy to dance to.

Check out Tall Animals on Facebook, iTunes, or in real life at the annual Fall Formal on November 24th.


Steel Panther @ House of Blues

There are just some bands that are FUN. They’re bands that have an amazing stage show, are quite unique, have lots of charisma, and are always a blast to shoot. They’re bands that whenever they are in town, if I am able to, I get a photopass, regardless of how many other times I’ve photographed them.

Semi-Precious Weapons.
Foxy Shazam.

And, of course, Steel Panther.

This was a sold-out show, so obviously, I’m not the only one that thinks Steel Panther is worth hanging out with for an evening.