Butch Walker @ The House of Blues (Preview)

Butch Walker @ The House of Blues

Butch Walker is hands-down one of the best performers that I’ve ever seen.

He can captivate the audience to the point of a hush coming over the crowd, where you can literally hear a pin drop during his acoustic songs. But then, in the next breath, he can the venue clapping along to an upbeat song. His voice is powerful, emotional, and unique. He interacts with the audience by telling jokes or calling people out; shows are not a performance, they’re one big party. (more…)

LIGHTS @ The Beat Kitchen

LIGHTS @ The Beat Kitchen

I am normally not a fan of electronic music. I like my keyboards here and there, but vocal effects and the keyboard as the main instrument usually don’t thrill me.

An exception is LIGHTS. From Toronto, this tiny little girl has a lot of power and charisma onstage. She was upbeat and got the Beat Kitchen rockin’ – and even did a Backstreet Boys cover! Definitely quirky and colorful (her merch table was an explosion of neon!), LIGHTS was definitely a surprise. I went in not expecting to like her, but she won me over after just a few songs. And, even better? She hung out at merch until all of her fans left, taking pictures and talking to everyone. Definite brownie points.

She’s on a huge tour right now, so check out her Myspace and see if she’s coming by you. Also, while you’re there, listen to “February Air,” it’s my favorite. (more…)

Company of Thieves @ The Metro

Company of Thieves @ The Metro

Company of Thieves also played Cancel Out Cancer, the benefit show that I mentioned in a previous post about Quietdrive.

Company of Thieves is not your normal band.

For example, they cite Motown, soul, 1960’s and 1970’s rock n’ roll, Wilco, Neil Young, Fiona Apple and the Beatles, among their influences. In a time of rock and roll, Company of Thieves sings about Oscar Wilde. Instead of grungy jeans and t-shirts, they often appear onstage with girly dresses and vintage hats. They are truly standout artists. (more…)