Snowsera @ The Metro

Snowsera @ The Metro

Snowsera played the Metro on September 6th, just a few weeks after they released their EP, Fictions, for free download (find it here).

Unfortunately, due to other obligations at the show, I was only able to catch a few minutes of Snowsera’s set, but I hope to see a full set of theirs soon! (more…)

Backstage – Last Fast Action


This past weekend, my husband and I jumped in the van with our friends in Last Fast Action for their shows at NV Ultra Lounge in Normal, IL that night.

They played two shows: an early one for the all ages crowd, and then a rowdy one for the 21+ group. Both short sets, around half an hour, but good.

But more important than their set was the fun backstage, which I was lucky enough to catch (Reason #2123123 to always have a camera on hand). Dan and Augie are not shy in front of the camera at all, and are more than willing to hold poses until I get my shot. Part of this could be the fact that I’ve been shooting them for almost six years, and thus, they’ve had plenty of time to get used to my camera in their faces. (more…)

Company of Thieves @ The Metro

Company of Thieves @ The Metro

Company of Thieves also played Cancel Out Cancer, the benefit show that I mentioned in a previous post about Quietdrive.

Company of Thieves is not your normal band.

For example, they cite Motown, soul, 1960’s and 1970’s rock n’ roll, Wilco, Neil Young, Fiona Apple and the Beatles, among their influences. In a time of rock and roll, Company of Thieves sings about Oscar Wilde. Instead of grungy jeans and t-shirts, they often appear onstage with girly dresses and vintage hats. They are truly standout artists. (more…)