Quietdrive @ Mojoe’s

Because of my crazy wedding photography schedule during the summer months, it’s rare that I’m able to find time to see concerts during that time. However, when I heard that Quietdrive was coming back to town, I cleared my schedule for a precious free night of fun. Old friends and one of my favorite bands to photograph, they never disappoint. In fact, the whole night was worth it just for their cover of Brittany’s “Toxic” (complete with violin, of course). The rest of the set was just an amazing bonus.


Ha Ha Tonka @ Sausage Fest

We were already planning to go to Sausage Fest to hang out with friends and to see Company of Thieves, but when we saw that Ha Ha Tonka was playing, the day got even better.

Even though I feel like they’re part of the Chicago scene, they originally hail from the Ozarks, which helps provide Ha Ha Tonka with their unique sound that never gets old. Fabulous performers, I feel like their show is always different… even after we’ve seen them dozens (?) of times. You can tell that they’re a band that doesn’t play because it’s a job, but because they truly love music.

Also, a little bit of trivia…they were on No Reservations (with Anthony Bourdain) a while back. For a girl who has a husband who is a foodie, that is some major cool points.


Company of Thieves @ Double Door

I was super lucky to be able to see Company of Thieves twice in just a few month’s time span. Honestly, they’re one of those bands that I could watch every night. Love them.

If you’re in Chicago, they’re headlining Sausage Fest on June 3rd (and my buddies Treaty of Paris are playing the Fest on the 2nd, too), come on out. I’ll be there!